Anonymous asked: “ who do you think has slept with the most girls? (most to least) ”

Harry for most, then Zayn, then Niall, then Louis, then Liam.

***Liam and Louis still have tons of sex it’s just not with so many girls because of Payzer and Elounor.

Anonymous asked: “ Who do you think is cut and uncut? ”

We think that Zayn, Harry, and Louis are probably cut but Nialler and Lili keep it a little more uncut and natural.

Fetuses. Fetus bulges. Zarry fetus bulges. I can’t even.
Anonymous asked: “ can u guys hurry up and write some requests? they dont have to be an eternity! gosh!!!!! xo ”

Like I said in my post from the other day, we will do them as soon as we have time. We are really busy right now.

What did you guys think of the Kiss You video?

not bulge but

We got a whole lot of preference requests in the past few days. We will get to them as soon as we can but they take a while and both of us are pretty busy. But we will do them!


Well Zayn, I am also quite enjoying the view too. But why oh why couldn’t I be there in person?!
Anonymous asked: “ who do you think has the most pubic hairs? i say harry! ”

Harry is probably a close second but we both are leaning more towards Zayn.