He has to be aware of his obvious boner. I mean you’d think he would hide it or tuck it or something. BUT NOPE. Oh well, our gain.


Their butts don’t even compare. There is no contest. Louis you god.
Anonymous asked: “ So, I was under the impression that the five were innocent, angelic, virgins.... I'm very VERY mistaken, aren't I? Is it true Nialler gave up his V card at 14? D: ”

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH innocent angelic virgins. That’s a good one.

I looked up some stuff on when Niall lost his virginity though and everything I found said 15/16 so pretty close to 14 but still a little older.

Anonymous asked: “ You havent done any written preferences for like 5 months. why make this if u don't update regularly? the pics are alright but they take like 1 second to do. ”

The point of our blog is for the bulge and butt pictures. The preferences aren’t our main purpose for the blog. We do them if we can but we care more about the picture portion and most of our followers seem to like the pictures more too. I apologize if we upset anyone by not writing much fan fic anymore really but time wise, it’s hard. During the summer, we had loads of time but both of us have a lot on our plates now and don’t have as much time for fan fic. NoW to make this answer a little less of a bummer. LOOK AT THE LOUIS BULGE.


Anonymous asked: “ can you guys PLEASE post some more liam pics? thanks!! ”

just posted one and we posted a couple last week I think but I will keep on the look out for more Liyum bulges.


Surfer’s bulge. I can deal with that.
Anonymous asked: “ Yeah, ok I though cut/uncut was like how toned they were. Like abs wise and stuff... This is confusing hahaha. ”

hahaha yeah awkward wording. oh well! all is fixed now:)