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liam’s butt


Anonymous asked: “ Shut the fuck up all ready you bitch ”

Anonymous asked: “ I just masturbated to your blog. Thanks. ”

You should try masturbating with another person some time. It’s pretty cool.

Anonymous asked: “ Just totally came to that pic of zayn in basketball shorts ”

Anonymous asked: “ Which band member do you think would experiment with men or be bisexual? ”

harry bulge
Anonymous asked: “ Hi I'm a big fan I wonder what would you all want for Christmas ”

Thank you for being a big fan, but considering Christmas is a good while off, I don’t have a clue yet.

Anonymous asked: “ Heyo, just wanted to let you know that both Liam and Louis are uncircumcised. I can't find the video atm, but its been posted to tumblr a few times maybe someone can help find it? liam and louis answer really personal questions and that's one of them. that way you can update your FAQ #5 :) ”

I am aware of such video which is why we have said in our FAQ from the get go that Zayn is probably the only one that is. But thank you anyway.

Anonymous asked: “ I can't find navigate ”

it is on the page under the picture of Niall.

Anonymous asked: “ hey. ”