Anonymous asked: “ You are a huge ass bitch ”

*Boss Ass Bitch is what you meant

chocolatecashton asked: “ Can I just say that this fandom needs to stop being so concerned with how large or small the boys' penises are? ”

I guess. But I’m pretty okay with it. And as horny fans I’d say it’s a pretty normal thing. 

Anonymous asked: “ omg you're updating again!!!! i'm so happy! ”

Im glad!


rodhium asked: “ where are you girlssss? i love the blog, can you post mire pics, gifs? love .xx ”

ah! I’m so sorry friend. We’re both pretty ridiculously busy. We try to get on when we can!

Anonymous asked: “ which of the boys do you think has ever kissed a guy? ”

most likely? uh Harry or Zayn and least likely probably Liam.

waiting for the day that they do this to Harry on stage and he isnt wearing underwear
I can straight up see his dick right there in the side of those pants and I am feeling very okay with this.

Hi, uhm, yes. Haz is ironing without pants on. And uhm yeah, do you see bulge peaking from under the ironing board because I do.
Anonymous asked: “ I just looked through every one of your posts... It's 2 am... #no ragrets ”